As a pioneer of miniature wire rope

SINYO has over 50-years expertise in manufacturing custom wire rope assemblies for a wide variety of applications.

We harness our considerable technology and manufacturing resources to serve our customer.

Sinyo is a manufacturer of custom wire rope assemblies.

Sinyo fully utilizes the technology cultivated in the wire business and customer’s valuable advice and requests, and currently conducts sales activities mainly focusing on the following businesses.

From now on, we will devise original ideas and develop business to help society.

Stainless wire rope has a long life and superior quality for heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Therefore it produces excellent performance in inhospitable environments such as outdoors.

Additionally, because of its rust-resistant material its color does not fade for a long time, so it is possible to conserve the beautiful silver color of stainless wire rope over a long period of time.

Our wire ropes maximize the features of stainless wire rope and play an important part in a wide range of applications, not just in its practical use as anti-drop and anti-theft protection for machines, but also for accessories and store decorations.

We offer a variety of end fixtures as well as a wide variety of ropes so please feel free to contact us.