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Corporate profile

Company name SINYO Co., Ltd.
Foundation day May, 1962
Common stock ¥45,000,000 (As of March, 2018)
Representative Hideji Okabe, Chief Executive Officer
Number of Employees 57

Head Office

1-13-7 2nd Floor Nihonbashi-Okamura building, Nihonbashi-Kakigara-cho, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, 103-0014 (Map)
TEL:TEL: 81-3-5614-1275 (Main Number) FAX: 81-3-5614-2951
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Iwama Plant

1535-28 Ichinoya, Kasama-shi, Ibaraki, 319-0208
TEL: 81-299-45-3153 FAX: 81-299-45-6299


Wire Division

Miniature stainless wire rope, Special steel miniature wire rope, other wire ropes for driving, guarding and operating, a variety of above-mentioned coated wire ropes, custom wire ropes, wire rope end fittings, wire rope protection system for vending machines and motorcycles, wire rope railings, materials for building a green wall or a green roof.


Filter Division

Providing sintered filter made of metal fiver. 


Agricultural Equipment Division

Various equipments for vineyards, like pillars, stoppers, rain protection system and bird net A Device to produce weak acidic electrolyzed water ‘Pure Star’ (Pure Star water) Other equipments



April, 1951

Mr, Tamotsu Sakashita founded the predecessor company.

The company manufactured and distributed a cable ‘Tsubasa’ for a model aircraft, called U control, powered by engine.

May, 1962 SINYO Limited company was founded. Common stocks 3.2 million yen. It started to manufacture micro control cable for copiers
November, 1970 SINYO Limited company renamed to SINYO corporation Common stock 8 million yen.
May, 1982 A long enduring and low cost wire rope ‘Aiger’, was invented by using a special steel wire rod.
May, 1983 ‘Micro flexible shaft’ was invented and sold as an antenna element and rotating material.
June, 1985 The company started manufacturing of antenna materials and antenna assemblies.
November, 1987 The company entered the construction sector, by selling products like railings.
March, 1988 Inaugurated Tsukuba-Kagaku no mon, a door for Tsukuba Gakuen toshi, a special city dedicated academic activities.
May, 1989 Inaugurated a stainless steel door for Higashiyama zoo in Nagoya.
May, 1991

Opened Iwama plant.

The company expanded its manufacturing activities, such as antenna and wire assemblies, due to strong demand.

June, 1994 Raised capital stock to 12 million JPY.
July, 1995 The company started to produce sintered metal fiber filters.
August, 1995 SINYO joined Tokyo Rope MFG. co., ltd. grope.
April, 1997 Started laser cutting process for printer filters.
June, 1999 Raised capital stock to 20 million JPY.
June, 2000 Raised capital stock to 30 million JPY.
June, 2001 Raised capital stock to 45 million JPY.
May, 2003 Total shipments of antennas reached 100 million units.
October, 2003 The company started to design, produce and sell agricultural equipment for vineyards.
October, 2007 Total deliveries of filters reached 500 million confetti.
October, 2010 Brewing machines and other equipments like tanks for vinery.