Agricultural Equipment Division

Field materialWe deal in wood-brewing vineyards with fence style and shelf type materials. In response to requests from winemakers and grape producers, we have increased delivery results.

(Sun Vision San Sang Winery, a social welfare corporation)

  • Wine Grape fence material (construction landscape)

  • Combination of rain protection system (exclusion of rain) and bird net (Japan smart method)

  • Installation example of grape shelf materials

  • Apples for apples

Field material list

  • Gripple

    Gripple has been developed as agricultural material, and is widely used in various countries around the world as a connecting metal fitting for a wire fence for grazing and wire shelves for orchards.

  • Eco-tie

    Protek Eco Thai which decomposes chemically with Protek pliers can help protect plants, simplify harvesting and harvesting, and reduce working costs.

  • Wire feeding machine

    Wire is smoothly pulled out and twist does not occur.
    You can do wire-cladding work easily.
    (With brake function)

  • Glow tube

    It promotes the growth of seedlings by keeping warmth and moisture. It also protects seedlings from small animals by preventing invasion of pests.

  • Bounce clip

    Lower the width of the attraction line and fix the shoot. Attracting work can be reduced.

  • Attachment

    Various aims and shapes, such as wire slippage prevention, wire hanging brackets, etc. are available.

  • Heavy snow area measures materials

    It is possible to remove the wire or raise it down so that it can withstand snow load.
    (Please consider it with snow covering 1.2 m)

  • Strong wind countermeasure enhancement material

    Typhoon and bombs It is a material to prevent material collapse under strong winds such as low pressure.
    We recommend that you introduce it on the side where the wind hits 2 to 3 columns.

Countermeasures against beast damage

Protection fence to counter wild animals!

Electric fence

Electric fence is a fence that allows you to experience pain (accidental shock) that will not get used to animals, making it difficult for you to approach the fence by vigilance.

It is important to have a flexible fence that is not easily broken when an animal collides, that the proper electricity is flowing, and the fence to match the animal.

  • Measures against small animals
    (raccoon / raccoon dog/ fox)
  • Measures against palm civets
  • Measures against wild boars
  • Measures against wild monkeys

Physical fence

Easy bender fence

Prevent digging back of wild boar with Easy bender fence with folding!

Easy to fold even for first time people. The angle of bending can also be done freely, eliminating the gap between the ground and the fence.

Combined fence
(electric fence + fence)

Monkey + wild boar measures

Monkeys who are good at climbing trees are demonstrating their effect by using physical fences and electric fences in combination. It is important that the strength of the fence and proper electricity flow.

Source: Farm Age Co., Ltd.
Farm Age Co., Ltd. (FAR Yume) raised "Dream of transforming Japanese agriculture with fence" and succeeded in the early development of electric fence against Edo-deer in Hokkaido. We have made various proposals and seminars on various wildlife countermeasure systems throughout the country for more than 30 years.

Brewing equipment

There are handling of press machine, brewing equipment in general, fermentation tank, barrel and wine bottle

  • Source: TETTA Corporation

  • Slovenian press machine