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Stainless steel rope

Stainless steel ropes offer high strength, high durability, corrosion resistance and heat resistance and it last longer. It is widely used in fisheries, agriculture, and chemical industry or in the products like airplanes, ships, medical equipments, or electronic equipments. We use stainless steel ropes for most of our products.



  • It realize compact structure for gear, lever, cam, crankshaft.
  • It is used for electronics, audio equipments, measuring instruments, dust collectors for Flue-gas, medical equipments, interiors, lighting equipments, smoke extraction devices, roller doors.


Wires Chemical Composition+A Physical property of stainless steel wire used for ropes


chemical composition table of cotton material

Steel C Cr Ni Si Mn Mo P S
When the normal corrosion resistance is required. SUS304 0.08< 18.00~20.00 8.00~10.50 1.00< 2.00< 0.045< 0.030<
When the strong corrosion resistance is required, against such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. SUS316 0.08< 16.00~18.00 10.00~14.00 1.00< 2.00< 2.00~3.00 0.045< 0.030<


A Physical property of stainless steel wire used for ropes

SUS304 SUS316
Special gravity
7.93 7.97
Coefficient of linear expansion
17.3 16.0
Thermal conductivity
0.039 0.037
Special heat
0.12 0.12
Electrical resistance
72 74
Hardenability No No
Melting point
1,400~1,450 1,390~1,440