About Us

SINYO, as a subsidiary of Tokyo Rope Group, conducts daily operations guided by the following ethical and compliance principles;


Code of ethics of Tokyo Rope Group

All subsidiaries of Tokyo Rope Group conduct daily operations guided by the following principles in order to be useful to the society;

All the staffs shall make a judgment based on these principles in everyday operations.


  • We contribute to the society by enhancing safety and comfort through providing customers the best possible products in response to their trust.
  • We comply with various standards and regulations set out by the company and conduct daily operations accordingly.
  • We will not impede fair, transparent, and free competition within the market.
  • We are committed to maximizing shareholder value. We also disclose the financial conditions and the corporate information fully and fairly.
  • We fulfill our environmental responsibilities through resource utilization, recycling and pollution control.
  • We are committed to create a comfortable working environment, by focusing on human resource development through eliminating unfair discrimination together with a fair assessment.
  • We exert an effort to integration with local communities at home and abroad, and contribute to its development.
  • We will not establish any relationships with an antisocial force or organization which poses a threat to social order and safety.
  • We will keep our eye on changes in the external environment. Not having to settle for the status quo, the company will become the driving force to initiate changes.