About Us

A word from CEO

Since our foundation in 1951, we have established the long term relations with our customers through offering services mainly miniature wire rope assemblies. Despite customers’ preferences had changed over time and our products had been replaced as a result, we continuously assess ‘what customers need’.


Our products play important parts in industrial and other sector, although these are used in unnoticeable sphere. The company considers the quality of products a top priority and works very hard in manufacturing as a behind the scene supporter.


As a subsidiary of Tokyo Rope Group, together with our customers, we would like to create products which ‘have not yet existed but are useful if they did’. We are aiming to become a valuable company that contributes truly to the society by offering services from customers’ perspective.


Hideji Okabe


Our strength

As a pioneer of miniature wire rope assemblies, our company has responded to customers’ needs according to our motto, making our products more useful and reliable, and making more economic sense. We would like to help our customers to become more successful in manufacturing by using the knowledge and expertise we have acquired.