Privacy policy

SINYO Co., Ltd. (SINYO herein after) is committed to protecting your privacy as we consider that it is our social responsibility to properly manage and protect personal data.


Personal data is information that could identify a specific individual such as name, birth date, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, profession, and employment details.


(Information collection and use)
SINYO collects and uses personal information for the following general purposes;
1. To obtain information of business partners
・To contact and negotiate with business partners, to receive or make orders and to provide payment services.
・To give out information that is useful and necessary for customers such as products information.
2. To reply to inquirers through website
・To reply to the inquiries or fulfill requests.
・To confirm the inquirers.
3. To consult with lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, and judicial scriveners.
・To consult them for our business activities.
4. To contact members of the industry group to which we belong.
・To contact them for various activities of the group
5. To contact potential candidates during the recruitment process.
・To screen and choose candidates.
・To give out various information like company information or recruitment decision.
6. To contact executives, employees, retirees and their family.
・To contact them for the purpose of managing labor such as attendance, payment of salaries, appropriate allocation of personnel, evaluation, human resource development, and welfare.
・To contact them for various job related matters and for notifying and reporting the government. Third Party


(Third Party)
SINYO does not provide personal information to third party without prior consent of the individual, if there is no regal cause.
If we outsource works related to personal information management, we are obliged to ensure that information transferred by us is adequately protected.


(Information management)
We shall have a personal information manager for protecting personal data from leaks or losses and we properly manage information obtained through our operations.


(Disclosure, Correction or Deletion)
If we receive a customer’s request for disclosure, correction or deletion for personal information from the owner of such information, we shall confirm the identity, and handle it quickly within a reasonable time.


If you have any inquiries about our privacy policy please contact us;
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