Q: What is “Sinyo”?

A: SINYO Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of miniature wire rope. We provide our products to any kind of fields with the best possible choice of wire products, using reliable assembly technology. Our company responds to customers’ expectations according to our motto, making our products more useful and reliable, and making more economic sense.

Q: What is miniature wire rope?

A: Wire rope consists of several strands of metal wire laid using more than a diameter of 0.03mm to make outside diameter of 0.27mm or more.
We can provide the best choice of composition of any types and size of wire products as of customer’s requests.
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Q: What kind of material is used?

A: SUS304 is a standard material. It is possible to provide the product with SUS316 in some size of the outside diameter.
Please contact us for the other materials.
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Q: How strong a miniature wire is?

A: A miniature wire rope consists of several strands of metal wire laid which has both flexibility and high strength.
For example, the wire rope with outside diameter of 1mm will endure up to 80kg of breaking load.

Q: Is there any way to make wire duration long?

A: Product duration can be varied depending on operating conditions or environment, however to make wire rope be coated, it is possible to make operation time longer.

Q: What is ‘customise’ wire ropes?

A: To make useful products to customise wire ropes such as to cut precisely, to make terminal parts. We deliver products responding to various needs from prototypes to mass production by using the knowledge and expertise we have acquired.

Q: How effect to use wire rope?

A: The one of effect is space-saving. The wire rope is very flexible to rope off the structure and it can realize precise drive by synchronizing all parts in limited spaces. Besides, in the field of construction demand, it is very effective to spread the scenery by using wire rope instead of steel sheet for guardrail with keeping same level of tensile strength.

Q: Do you have any other products except of wire rope?

A: We provide our products in variety of ways such as for agricultural equipments, as for a tiny filter made of a non-woven metal fabric with sintered porous structure which is used for inkjet printers, etc., although these are used in unnoticeable sphere.

Q: I would like to have a price indication.

A: Please request by sending e-mail or Fax. Click here.